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Application scenario

Intelligent TV: Integrating interactive Internet applications and content functions with traditional TV, users can easily install and uninstall all kinds of application software, continue to expand and upgrade functions, in order to change the traditional experience of consumers in the use of TV functions.

STB: It can carry information and entertainment content from Internet and traditional TV, making the TV pattern more diversified than ever before. It promotes the interconnection of home terminals and people, radically changes the way of content acquisition, and enables more users to enjoy information and content from the Internet.

Webcam: in order to get security, maintain security and feel security, WiFi module has been promoted in the field of webcam. This device is easy to install and can be operated in real time. It can see everything, hear everything and track everything on the phone. Let our life not only be happy and confident, but also more secure.

Most consumer products with audio-visual, information processing, two-way network communication and other functions use wireless connection, which greatly improves product coverage, and at the same time improves our quality of life, facilitates our lives, promotes social and economic development, and speeds up the dissemination of information.

Consumption level

Intelligent Projector: It integrates multimedia broadcasting, network interconnection, human-computer interaction, remote conference and other applications. It can easily achieve shocking display effect over 100 inches without display screen and external media source. It is a new generation of intelligently integrated screen-less TV. Intelligent projector is becoming another kind of home entertainment center equipment after smart TV and smart set-top box.

Intelligent Printer: Printer seems to be a heavy, silent product, often silent in the daily work, but with the wifif module in the mobile office equipment in general use, it also gives the printer a new label: intelligent, mobile, solution; this change is that it greatly improves work efficiency, enhance and office collaboration. Printers are gradually transforming from an "isolated island" to the center of information transmission and circulation.

Intelligent pose: Compared with the traditional POS machine, the intelligent POS is no longer limited to making cash register tools, but really combines cash register, collection, information collection, data processing and even card certificate cancellation. Really achieves the integration of offline merchant diversion, customer relationship maintenance, online payment and actual marketing effect monitoring, and completes the final closed-loop of O2 O.

Nowadays, with the increasing efficiency of specialization, the use of wireless technology in commercial hardware can greatly reduce the cost of enterprise wiring, deploy applications more quickly, improve collaborative flexibility, timeliness and management efficiency, and meet the development desire of minimizing the cost on the office automation platform.

Commercial Office Automation

Intelligent Vehicle Equipment: The era is progressing, science and technology is developing, with smart phones as the core radiation, there are many smart vehicle equipment, such as smart rearview mirror, car refrigerator, these devices add intelligent voice interaction function, has a very strong natural language control ability, can truly liberate the driver's hands, so that you can drive safer.

Charging piles: With the new energy vehicles becoming the choice of more and more consumers, charging piles are also in the construction of tightly packed; whether on the way to and from work or on the way to travel, only need to search for nearby charging piles through the Internet to charge quickly; the perfect combination of WIFI system and charging piles not only greatly improves the user experience, but also fully realizes the business of docking platform. Industry value.

High-speed train: With the popularity of smart phones, WiFi access on high-speed mobile trains can not only provide passengers with online surfing, chatting, web surfing, making friends, games and other entertainment, but also provide the management platform for passenger transport management departments.

Imagine the driving force of the development of science and technology, and how far we can go with our ideas. Ten years ago, few people used mobile phones to surf the Internet. Now, smartphones have been widely used. Similarly, the development track of automobile is the same as that of mobile phone. With the development of "turning automobile into the fourth screen" - TV, computer, mobile phone, automobile screen, car networking emerges at the historic moment. It is no longer a dream to have a car with intelligent interconnection system.

Industrial and Vehicle Networking

Intelligent Vehicle Equipment: The era is progressing, science and technology is developing, with smart phones as the core radiation, there are many smart vehicle equipment, such as smart rearview mirror, car refrigerator, these devices add intelligent voice interaction function, has a very strong natural language control ability, can truly liberate the driver's hands, so that you can drive safer.

Wearable medical equipment

From vision to hearing, semantic understanding, motion control and AI depth set, the diagnostic ability of AI almost surpasses that of general practitioners.

Intelligent Visual Recognition

Voice input can replace typing, so that you can easily input with computers, iPads, mobile ward-round devices by speaking.
When you speak, the content you speak will be transcribed into text and displayed in your HIS system, PACS system, CIS system and other places where you want to input text. Reduce the burden of daily work of medical staff, reduce repetitive work and improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment

Medical Intelligent Speech

Advances in medical science and technology have led to more and more diseases being treated, and new technologies are gradually replacing traditional treatment methods. Artificial intelligence is bound to redefine the medical industry; wearable devices and medical robots, people can not only manage life through APP or cloud products, but also through a series of medical Internet of Things devices to manage health.

Medical care

Wifi Intelligent Lamp: It is a new intelligent device with functions of controlling, creating, sharing lighting effects, interacting light and music, and improving health and happiness. Different life scenes match different lighting effects. No matter what kind of life scenes and moods, you can choose the appropriate lighting effects. Smart lights are not only lighting lamps, but also companions in your life.

Home Intelligent Gateway is the heart of home intelligentization, through which the functions of system information collection, information input, information output, centralized control, remote control and linkage control are realized. Wherever you are, home is under your control.

Intelligent socket: not only can remote switch, but also voice control. Energy management and control can be realized by the mobile intelligent terminal to check the power consumption of loading equipment at any time and anywhere. The metering version can also monitor the current power, current and power consumption in real time, so that users can master the power consumption situation, adjust the power consumption plan, save power consumption and reduce electricity consumption.

With the wide application of electronic technology in real life, people are more and more aware of all kinds of conveniences brought by electronic products for life: intelligent security, intelligent lighting, intelligent video, intelligent household appliances, etc. Smart home products are more and more in the family, users can not only control everything in the home at will, but also make the life of their families safer, more convenient and more convenient. Comfortable.

Smart home