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Analysis and Outlook of PLC-IOT Entire Smart Home Solution

2020/12/28 14:42
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Since the launch of the PLC power line communication chip Hi3921 at the Huawei Developer Conference in August 2019, after one and a half years of industry evolution, Huawei has gone further. On December 21, Huawei officially released its smart home strategy and entire smart home solutions to promote the industry from "digital home" to "smart home", from single product and single system intelligence to whole-house integrated intelligence, which will bring consumers a full-scenario, intelligent, and high-quality life experience.



In the entire smart home ALL ON ONE solution reconstructed by Huawei, PLC-IOT is used as the support of end of network integration, and the power network and narrowband communication network are integrated with PLC-IoT technology, which greatly reduces deployment costs and pipeline costs. Electrician can complete networking himself and realize unified management of equipment.

As a service provider of Huawei PLC-IOT solutions, we have conducted on-site exchanges with many major industry customers, and have visited many whole-house smart showrooms. At present, the industry is mainly divided into two product camps, wired and wireless. PlC was compared with wired and wireless,we found that PLC bus technology has great potential in the field of entire smart home.



Everyone here should be clear that the whole-house intelligence we are talking about means that all devices in a smart home have a unified connection standard that can be integrated with each other and managed in a unified manner, not a single smart product.Single smart products are not only troublesome to connect and network, but also cannot be interconnected. The cumbersome operation of multi-category products will also lead to fragmentation of user experience, which is necessarily not a smart home in the true sense.



Based on the HiLink ecosystem, Huawei has cooperated with industry associations and many product manufacturers to establish the PLC whole house interconnection protocol specification, which is actually integrating the interface standards of different household products of various product manufacturers. Giant companies do standards and capital, large companies do strategy and tactics, medium-sized companies do business and channels, and small companies do products and technology. Through different center of gravity distribution and common goals, more and more products will use a unified standard for interconnection in the future. An era of mobile phones equipped with N multiple APPs to control different products will gradually withdraw from the trend of the times.



Huawei's HiLink ecological promotion has further affected many manufacturers of smart products. Because of the advantages of PLC-IOT, smart manufacturers are also actively joining the HiLink ecosystem in the process of adding PLC to their own ecosystem to achieve interconnection. At present, lead real estate and lighting companies have released entire smart home solutions based on Hi3921 PLC. PLC products have crossed 0-1, 1-10, and 10-N will be realized in the next few years. With Huawei's technology leadership, more manufacturers will join in, apply to more industries, and blossom.



In addition to the extensive use of PLC-IOT in whole houses and lighting control scenarios, it has also begun to be applied in fields such as photovoltaic filters, tunnel engineering, underground pipe networks, smart buildings, and smart fire protection. The advantages of PLC-IOT in terms of reliability, number of connections, distance, cost, etc., will bring opportunities in many fields.

As a Hi3921 module manufacturer and Huawei PLC-IOT solution service provider, our company has designed a variety of PLC modules and test kits suitable for various industry applications, and shared our accumulated industry experience with many customers. It can be applied in more industries and customers and contribute to the industry.