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5dBi WIFI Antenna 5.8G Bar Antenna WiFi External Antenna High Gain Antenna
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Antennas are matched with modules,which can provide customers with the entire wireless solution.
External antenna can be directly tested without debugging. The embedded antenna (FPC/PCB antenna) needs to
be matched and debugged with the customer’s device. All kinds of antennas support customized services.
If the product with built-in antenna, please contact us to make sure the placement and size of the antenna,
ensure that the RF index reach the requirements.
Antenna is non-standard,the ones displayed on our website is widely used by our customers or the industry,
which are just for reference.


Only support 5g,use to HDMI.


Model No ANT-B0058X-55 Impedance 50Ω
Operating Frequency 5G:5.150~5.850GHz VSVR 1.92Max
Gain(peak) 5dBi Out Of Roundness 3dBi
Radiation Omni-Directional Polarization Linear-Vertical
Contactor Type First Generation IPEX Antenna Radiator BRASS
Operating Temperature -10°C to 60°C Storage Temperature -40°C to 65 °C





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